Our Story

Mourning Sun began in 2016 after Rachael and Alexandra Kroot lost both parents. First, their mother to cancer. Then, their father to a simple surgery gone wrong. As two single women in their 20s, Rachael and Alexandra felt as if their lives had come to a screeching halt.


They were searching for a healing place to retreat and hide from the world for a few days before going back to work. When they couldn't find anywhere appropriate and available, the seed for Mourning Sun was planted. They decided it was important for some good to come out of their loss, and wanted to help others going through a similar process.


They combined their vision for healing with the compassion and expertise of friends and professionals in the field - Rachel Simon, Lauren Schlenger and Sarah Mayhew (bios below). The result was a two-night, three day retreat in the Poconos under the original name of Mourning Dove.


It was beautiful to see the growth participants made, and the bonds they shared, in such a short time. We encourage you to read their testimonials at the bottom of this page.

While we currently operate on a limited basis out of partner locations, our ultimate goal is to create a permanent sanctuary where guests can spend the night and fully retreat. We want to be available for mourners year-round with comforting spaces, healing activities, healthy food, and a variety of resources. A vacation of sorts for the grieving - there when you need it most.


founding partners


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"Wonderful, warm experience, full of authentic love and support."

"Thank you for helping with my journey. I know it will be long, however I believe this kind of retreat would help anyone in their grief experience. Or the new normal."

"This was a great way to start to dig so much deeper in a safe place. The staff, Rachael, Rachel, Sarah and Lauren, are a wonderful combination of caring, talented women. While a little unsure of how the weekend would go, knowing no one when I got here, it was very worth it. Could have lasted longer."

"You were all so welcoming and created a wonderful environment to acknowledge and validate my grief. The weekend, from cookies to closing, was refreshing, at times challenging, but overall - so worth it. It's a strange bond, grief - but I am thankful for the chance to bond with the other individuals, each traveling their own personal path to acceptance and peace."

"You all did a wonderful job providing a safe and peaceful place for me to fully connect and experience my grief. You were all kind, engaging, humurous and thoughtful. I am thoroughly impressed with your knowledge and skills in your areas of interest/expertise. Please know I am leaving here today better than when I arrived. I feel like I am at the beginning of a wonderful journey. I am grateful."